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About Us

Founders of KEY FOR NEW LIFE
Michael and Nonna Tarasenko

We had the calling to help orphan children, widows and poor for many years but it was only in hour hearts and we were not able to achieve our dream for a long time.
In the year of 2004 we started visiting homeless people that live under bridges in Seattle area. We brought them food, close and blankets. They were telling us their tragic stories how they got there. Some of them because of health problems, others because they lost a loved one and some of them because of bad life problems that they had no strength to handle. Today we have a wonderful opportunity to reach out to other countries, helping abused and abandoned children, and poor people that live with out any hope or a chance for a normal life.

Key for new life is based on 100% volunteers . Every dollar of your gift to our ministry will be used to help provide some much-needed help and support to orphaned children and people in need . We are registered public charity in the United States, your gift is tax deductible. May God Bless You abundantly.

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  • Nonna Tarasenko
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